Residency Requirements

A parent or guardian of a child to be enrolled in Flossmoor School District 161 must provide the following in order for a student to be initially enrolled in District 161, unless the family is homeless.

The following forms of identification must indicate the address within District 161 at which the child and the individual registering the child resides and are required for enrollment. Proof of residency requires one document from Category I and two documents from Category II, each of which must show a proper District 161 address.

Category I (One Document)
Mortgage Statement or Payment Book
Signed Lease with proof of last months payment
Real Estate Tax Bill (must be current)
Category II (Two Documents)
Current Water, Gas or Electric Bill (choose only one)
Home / Apartment Insurance Papers
Auto Registration or Insurance Policy
Current Pay Stub
Current Bank Statement
Driver's License or valid State I.D.

Post office box numbers, telephone bills, cable/satellite bills, and library cards will not be accepted as proof of residency.

Parents/ guardians who are not listed as an owner or lessee on a title or lease must have the person with whom they are residing provide two of the forms listed above for evidence of residency and must accompany the parent/ guardian to Normandy Villa to prove residency. The parent/guardian shall have 30 days to provide the school with two forms of identification that correspond to the district residence at which they are residing.

McKinney-Vento Act

A homeless child is one who lacks a "fixed, regular and adequate nighttime place of abode." In general, children or youth living in welfare hotels, transitional housing, shelters, the streets, cars, abandoned buildings, and other inadequate accommodations are considered homeless. This includes the following groups:

Children in Shelters        Doubled-Up Children (living with another family due to lack of permanent residence)

Migratory children          Unaccompanied Youth

Contact the District's Homeless Liaison, Mrs. Robin Latman, 708-647-7028, or Wanda Alexander, 708-647-7001.