Valerie Pasqua - K-5 Music, Western Avenue

Mrs. Pasqua's dedication to excellence in teaching music to the students of Western Avenue deserves recognition. She brings a tremendous amount of energy to every teaching session, after school, and recess practice sessions with musical and choir students. Speaking of concerts, Mrs. Pasqua puts on such amazing concerts where the students are so proud to show off their talents to their school and families. Such a confidence booster for them! She is a leader in local music educator groups and prepares students for choir, ILMEA, SingAlongs, and the famous Western Avenue musical. Speaking of the musical, Mrs. Pasqua is also excellent at recruiting parents to help create the wonderful backgrounds for the stage. The amount of time and devotion given to the students is amazing!

Christina Bollenbacher - 2nd Grade, Serena Hills

Mrs. Bollenbacher creates such a loving and warm classroom environment which allows her students to be at ease and leaves them able to perform at their highest level. She sets expectations and encourages her students to achieve success in all aspects. Her love and dedication to her students is evident in ALL she does. A piece of her goes forward with every student who has walked through her doors.

Chelena Williams - Bus Driver, Parker Junior High and Western Avenue

Ms. Williams is so kind and always looking out for our student's safety. She is always cautious in her route - looking out for cars that might not be stopping for the bus, always waiting a few extra seconds to make sure kids make it safely across the street or to their house, and she once said to me "I just want to make sure all of my babies are safe!". If parents aren't at the bus stop, she always gives a little tap of her horn as if to say "I picked up your baby!" or "I just dropped off your baby!". The kids love her too as she always remembers them on special days - Halloween, Winter Break, and birthdays! She even remembers younger siblings who might not be in school yet, or gives the younger siblings a shout-out at the bus stop. She really is a wonderful and caring person. I can't think of anyone who I would trust my kids with more than Ms. Williams.