In an effort to develop and sustain lasting relationships and to build successful schools and community teams, the Flossmoor School District 161 Board of Education introduced a number of focused committees. These committees include the Community Engagement, Finance, Learning and Instruction, and the Strategic Planning Committees.

The charge of these committees vary, though all were created and are committed to reviewing the ways the District engages with the community, handles equity among schools, makes financial decisions and communicates with parents and community members. Along with the review of these important markers, these committees also make recommendations to improve practices and outcomes across Flossmoor School District 161. Below you will find a description of each committee. We are currently seeking team members, so if you are interested in joining any of the teams, please contact Courtney Manning at

Community Engagement Committee: This team focuses on three main priorities: 1) consistent communication, 2) relationship development, and 3) our district identity.

Finance Committee: This committee helps develop the district budget and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the tax levy.

Learning and Instruction Committee: All items tied to student learning fall under this team that looks at district data and instructional initiatives.

Strategic Planning Committee: This group is solely focused on the planning and preparation for our strategic planning work that will begin in October and will conclude in February of 2020.