In April of 2009, teachers, administrators and parents from each school in District 161 came together and formed a District 161 Green Team. The team established the following statements around its purpose and goals to prioritize the Green Team's focus for the Flossmoor School District 161:

Purpose: The purpose of School District 161's Green Team is twofold:

  • To reduce the district's impact on the environment

  • To teach students to be stewards of the environment

Our parents, staff, students and community members can join in our school district's effort to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink to help improve our environment. Children will learn the importance of "Going Green," what it means to their lives and how it can benefit them.

Goal 1: Each school will strive to earn $200 from recycling paper in their school bin.

  • Recycled paper boxes will be placed in each class and other main areas of the school

  • Paper will be collected weekly and placed in the school's designated paper retriever

  • Community paper drives will be held throughout the year.

  • Special school paper drives will take place quarterly

  • Schools will strongly encourage families to recycle all paper in school green/yellow bin.

Goal 2: Each school will establish a Recycling Center that allows for other recyclables.

  • Cell phones

  • Batteries

  • Ink jets / laser cartridges

  • Special collections such as juice pouches and aluminum cans


Goal 3: Schools will communicate effectively about recycling opportunities. Methods of delivery may include:

  • Orientation for students and staff on location of school recycling center, use of natural lighting, reducing classroom waste

  • Electronic messaging (website, emails, phone blasts)

  • Use of oldest/only paper saving distribution process

Goal 4: Each school will establish a Green Team.

  • The Green Team will include students, staff and parents

  • The Green Team will participate in a variety of recycling programs

  • The Green Team will meet monthly to share ideas and learn about environmental initiatives such as: organic and healthy food choices, alternative energy sources, 4R's

Goal 5: Environmental Education opportunities will take place in each school. Such opportunities may include:

  • Playground Pride Days

  • Earth Week Activities

  • Environmental Education intertwined in present curriculum

  • Outdoor Activities promoting stewardship

The District Green Team will be meeting monthly throughout the school year. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact a Green Team Member from your school. Thank you for your support!