You will find information on our personnel, service motto, and an explanation of the role technology plays in our District’s 21st Century Learning Initiative.

Department Personnel

Our Technology Support Team is comprised of five (5) individuals: Tony Le, Steve Reid, Lennard Razor, Deb Lang Doyle, and Andre Causey. Collectively, our department has many years of experience supporting a wide range of technologies in terms of hardware, applications, and professional development. The department collaborates with the data coordinator, the Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Instruction, as well as Technology Aides assigned to each school.

21st Century Learning Initiative

Through the Board of Education’s strategic plan, every child attending Flossmoor School District 161 has the opportunity to achieve at his or her highest potential in the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of the 21st century.

We believe that educated Flossmoor SD 161 students are our community’s greatest resource. As we implement Personalized Learning Using Digital Tools (PLuDL), we have coupled the roll out of new technologies with intensive professional development guided by research based methodologies as well as best-practices in the field. The integration of technology, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development is at the heart of 21st century learning and pivotal to preparing our students for the world of work as well as an appreciation for continuing education and lifelong learning.

Curricula Drives Technology

The Board of Education has invested a substantial amount of resources to harden and otherwise transform our network infrastructure to support the explosion of mobile devices. One of the critical design changes involved conversion of our legacy datacenter to a virtualized datacenter. Virtualization is the process of separating the physical components of a computing infrastructure from the logical processes that demand resources.

Among the most challenging components in this roll out is the planned and methodical distribution of mobile devices in “layered deployment model” such that the District has substantially leveraged the wireless functionality of mobile devices with other instructional classroom technologies.

These planned digital enhancements increase engagement and shift the way students learn and our educators teach. Our Technology Support Team is committed to supporting a successful and safe learning environment in which creativity thrives and innovation challenges our students to become our future leaders.