District PTO General Meeting Schedule
All meetings will be held at the Normandy Villa office beginning at 8:30 am. 

ALL Parents are urged to attend. What's New at Western Avenue!!


Western Avenue’s PTO is continuing our 100% participation drive. Our goal is to get every family to volunteer at least once this school year. We are working with your classroom teachers and administration to create volunteer opportunities for everyone and especially parents who work full time and cannot volunteer during the school day. We believe 100% parent involvement is critical to academic success and a positive learning environment. Students take great pride in seeing their parents, grandparents and guardians participate in their education. SO DON’T WAIT…ACT NOW! If you need to find a volunteer opportunity that fits your schedule, ask your classroom room parent or contact one of the building chairs listed below.

2019-2020 WEstern Avenue pto

Kimberly Mitchell,  Sr. Building Chair: kmitchell825@gmail.com

Alex Orr, Sr. Treasurer: msalexandraorr@gmail.com

Elisha O'Shea, Sr. District Liaison: elisha.oshea@gmail.com

Joeysha Dobbins, Jr. Building Chair: joeysha@outlook.com

Janine Mlynarcik, Jr. Treasurer: jmmlynarcik@gmail.com

Shekika Daggett, Jr. District Liaison: shekika@gmail.com