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Stevens Amendment Disclosure of Federal Participation

Projects or programs funded in whole or in part with Federal grant money must credit the Federal government for the Federal government's portion of the financial support. This web page citation informs the public that the use of Federal dollars in Flossmoor School District 161 meets the Stevens Amendment requirement. Staff development opportunities, resources purchases and personnel have been funded in whole or in part with Federal entitlement dollars.

Welcome to Flossmoor School District 161! The Department of Learning and Instruction is dedicated to ensuring our students are provided the highest level of education through rigorous curriculum and challenging academic standards. Education is an ever changing, ever evolving topic and our team is always ahead of the curve to bring the best to the students in District 161!

Our Portrait of a Graduate - Engage. Inspire. Empower.: Resilient Lifelong Learner: • Leverages strength within self to set and reach challenging goals • Seeks multiple pathways to solve problems • Manages change confidently • Learns from failure and success Creative and Critical Thinker: • Navigates challenges with divergent and convergent thinking • Demonstrates flexibility • Engages in continuous self-directed inquiry • Evaluates ideas based on evidence • Seeks deeper meaning Skilled Communicator and Collaborator: • Communicates in multiple formats for authentic purposes • Accepts and gives feedback • Demonstrates active listening • Participates on teams effectively • Engages in dialogue to resolve conflict Connected and Empathetic Global Citizen: • Embraces the unique perspectives of others • Exhibits integrity, honesty, empathy, fairness, and respect • Demonstrates civic, social, global, and digital responsibility • Shows initiative and resourcefulness